We offer respiratory therapy, sleep studies, cardiac testing and cardiovascular imaging.


Dr. Ariel Anguiano is a medical oncologist from USA Mitchell Cancer Institute where he was practicing in the Fairhope Clinic.  Prior to USA Mitchell Cancer, he practiced at the Oncology Specialist of Tuscaloosa, PC Lewis & Faye Manderson Cancer Center in Tuscaloosa from 2010 until 2021. He began his medical training at Weill Cornell University Medical College after receiving a BA in biochemistry from the University of California.  He completed a medical oncology fellowship at Duke University Medical College. Dr. Anguiano also served in the United States Marine Corps prior to beginning his college career. He and his wife Linda have four daughters and live on Lake Tuscaloosa. In his spare time, he enjoys working on his classic cars, spending time on his farm and reading.

Noelle Mixon Falkenberry is an ANCC Board Certified Adult Geriatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, who specializes in Oncology and Hematology. She is chemotherapy certified and a member of the Oncology Nursing Society. Noelle began her career in nursing at Monroe County Hospital and continues to serve the community through the Monroe County Hospital Oncology Clinic.  She and her husband Jody have two children and live here in Monroe County.

The Monroe County Hospital Oncology Clinic is open Monday-Thursday 8:00-4:00 and Friday 8:00-12:00 with a provider on call 24 hours a day/seven days per week. We have three Oncology Certified Nurses and one Oncology Certified Nurse Practitioner with over 50 years of combined nursing experience. We work closely with primary care providers, surgeons, radiation oncologists and other specialists to provide a comprehensive cancer plan tailored to each individual patient. The Monroe County Hospital Oncology Clinic is accepting both new hematology patients and oncology patients.

Emergency Department
Full service, fully staffed emergency room- 365/ days a year 24/7 - We never close.

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
We have an 8 bed ICU that is all RN staffed. Our staff is experienced in critical care for all ages.

We offer a full service hospital lab staffed 24 hours.

Medical/Surgical Unit
Our well trained nursing staff provides care and comfort to inpatients and outpatients for various diagnosis such as respiratory, cardiac, and gastro intestinal issues.

We provide medications to both inpatients and outpatients including the Oncology Clinic, Diabetes Education and ambulatory infusion patients.

Progressive Home Care
We provide full service home care to home-bound patients including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.

Hospice of Monroe County
Hospice of Monroe County is a group of specialized trained professionals and volunteers dedicated to providing compassionate health care to patients nearing end of life.

We have a 16 slice low radiation CT scanner that provides a higher level of diagnostic capability to their physicians caring for patients in the inpatient, outpatient or emergency setting.  This scanner offers enhanced pictures of the brain and vascular anatomy allowing for quicker diagnosis of a stroke or hemorrhage, thus enabling the medical team to treat such events in a more streamlined manner that have ultimately saved lives.

Our scanner can deliver up to 40 percent lower radiation exposure than similar scanners without diminishing the quality of the study, which is better for all patients, especially children.

MCH Radiology is also proud to have added a new digital mammography modality in 2014, which allows our team of caring professionals to better serve women's health care needs.  Digital mammography seems similar on the surface to many patients but most admit it is much quicker than the traditional mammography and many patients say it is more comfortable than traditional mammography.

We have inpatient and outpatient surgical services including: obstetrics, orthopedics, gynecology, endoscopy and colonoscopies.