Diabetes Education/Support Groups

MCH provides a Diabetes Educator offering group classes, one on one classes, and a monthly diabetic support group. Contact Diabetes Educator, Ashley Sellers, RN 251-743-7362.

Cancer Support Group
MCH employees and volunteers are available to counsel and offer support to families, caregivers, and patients.

Nutrition Counseling
Registered dietician is available for Diabetic and other nutritional and diet counseling.

The MCH cafeteria is located downstairs and offers heart-smart and diabetic lunch options to the public seven days a week.

CPR Education
CPR training is available for professionals and the general public on the MCH premises or off campus.

Childbirth and Breastfeeding Education, Breastfeeding Moms support group
Certified Lactation specialist and a group of mothers that meet to educate and outreach to the community.

Financial Counseling for Medical Expenses